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*EARLY ACCESS* Please note, this is an early access title and many bugs and unpolished features are present. Also, this early access period will likely end in after the next major update, and at that time the game will have a price tag. Get it now while it's free!

- v0.2.0 -

* Outside area added!
* Added screen warning for when spider lady is close on either side, and
* made the screen spin around smoothly when she grabs you
* Player now gets stuck when collided with certain giant web walls.

The Game:

Many people have arachnophobia (a fear of spiders), but surprisingly few horror games feature spiders in a prominent way. The main threat in Red Hourglass is a frightening creature that is part black widow spider and part woman. Her young counterpart—a girl who carries an hourglass—acts as her eyes and ears, alerting her to your presence. If the girl spots you, the spider creature will be coming for you immediately. You must run and hide until the threat passes.

There is a key hidden somewhere in the building, and it will be in a random room each time you play. Find it, and make for an exit. If you're spotted with the key in hand, the following chase will be relentless… better run!

The Story:

You're tracking down a book written by your ancestor. Your search leads you to an abandoned library at the edge of the forest. So you borrow the key to the building from the care taker and begin searching inside, but the next thing you know you're waking up on the floor. What happened? Did you pass out? It's gotten late, and it's very dark inside. Good thing you brought a flashlight, but you soon discover the doors are locked, and the key is missing. You decide to assume the key is somewhere inside the building and so you go looking for it... but you get the feeling you're not alone anymore.

Development Note:

This game is still in development. Expect a simple and considerably short experience with a few bugs—more features and content will come.

Any support through purchase of the game will help me complete it and iron-out the bugs, however feedback is another form of support I'm looking for. I'm open to suggestions and criticism. Also, please let me know if you find any bugs!

How to play:

Action - Keyboard+mouse (recommended) / Game controller (Xbox)

Move - W-A-S-D / Left joystick

Look (turn) - Move the mouse / Right joystick

Interact - Left click / A button (or X button)

Toggle Flashlight - Ctrl (or left click) / B button

Run - Shift / Left trigger

Development Blog:


Questions? Comments? Contact me at:


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Pretty fun stuff!



Thanks for playing!

I was lucky to not find the spider girl :D creepy, but not too creepy!

Wow, you were pretty lucky with that. You've given me an idea for an improvement. Right now after you find the key the spider lady roams forever but randomly (except for the first few seconds where she heads to your location). I should make her head for your location periodically as long as you have the key.

Thanks for playing!

Hey i played your game and i enjoyed it! I didn't know what i was doing at the beginning but then found the key so then i knew i had to unlock one of those locked doors which i succeeded! I love the idea of how there's a girl with an hour glass and if she sees you she summons the spider, really cool idea :) I reckon you should add more ambient background music to give it more of a scary atmosphere. Heres my GAMEPLAY VIDEO i made on Red Hour Glass. For anyone else, if you enjoy this video make sure to subscribe for more videos!!

Thanks for the video! I really enjoyed watching this. Play through videos like this are my favorite form of feedback. I was able to take a lot of notes based on the things you did in the game. In the next update, I hope to make the objective a bit more clear. And there is a time limit when the girl sees you, it's 60 seconds. The spider lady will disappear if you survive for 60 seconds. Unless of course you have the key, then if the girl sees you the chase is endless ;)

Thanks again for playing. I'll try to find some nice ambient music that will fit the experience. I hope you'll play again after I've made some updates!


No problem i enjoyed playing :) and aaaah okay i thought so!! And i'll make sure to check it out when you apply the updates :)

Hey BMC, I just uploaded ver 0.2 of my game. If you feel like giving it another go, there's plenty more content! The game even continues outside the library now. Hope to see another play through video sometime :)

hello, i made an video from your game. i hope you like it. the game as tricky and a little more jumpscares or horror is better. i wish you the best and good luck. sorry for my bad english and quality. i played it onan laptop. thx and greetz

Thanks for your video! I watched it closely and took some notes. I must say, you were lucky for awhile there not coming across the girl with the hourglass very often. She appears semi-randomly, so I suppose if I were to make more jumpscares like you suggest I should make some more areas where she is scripted to appear every time. Also, it is unfortunate that the performance was so poor on your laptop. In the future, I'll try to add some graphics settings for slower machines.
Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions. I really appreciate it!